Mevex designs and builds linear accelerators that accommodate customer’s needs in industry and research. These custom built Electron Beam systems are reliable, easy to control, and easy to maintain. Please contact us to get the most accurate information on our products.


To irradiate your product, you need a high energy, high power beam of electrons. The specific technology used to accelerate the electrons is less important to you than getting the power and energy to match your need at an acceptable cost. Beam is Beam!  Nonetheless, a key component is the accelerator and it must be reliable.  Mevex builds RF linear accelerators with standing wave (SW) on-axis coupled structures. These linacs are the world’s most widely used.


Electrons emitted from a heated surface are surrounded by focusing and pre-acceleration elements. Our gun design is particularly important for high lifetime availability. Our standard industrial emitters are readily available worldwide.

Electrons emerge from the accelerating column as a pulsed pencil beam.  We enlarge the spot and magnetically sweep it across your product on the conveyor.  The width and frequency of the sweep are customized to your product dimensions and rate of processing required.

Control Modules

The control modules are a set of cabinets assembled in our facility containing electronic equipment controlling and monitoring the accelerator. When you buy a Mevex accelerator and scan horn, we recommend that our control modules are implemented in your system for best results.

A radio frequency signal is produced in our custom-designed solid state generator and is amplified by one or more commercially available Klystrons.  The amplified signal is fed to the accelerating cavities. The frequency is continuously monitored and matched to the resonant frequency of the accelerating cavities. 

The control systems within the cabinets run off of a group of Siemens Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) units. Our Windows based Human Machine Interface (HMI) interacts with the PLC’s allowing users to easily check and adjust parameters. The HMI software is compatible with external safety systems and conveyor control.

Bunker and Conveyor

We offer two types of bunker designs:  metal and concrete. These structures are essential to containing the radiation produced by the beam. Our bunkers comply with all radiation safety regulations. We will recommend to you a bunker based on the beam energy and accelerator/scan horn size you desire.


Product Treatment Management System (PTMS) is a Mevex software system adjusting the beam current, scan length, conveyor speed, and overall dose output based on the box ID. The operator can assign a particular set of specifications for the machine for a given a set of boxes. PTMS will then print a bar code onto the boxes and a scanner will read it and changes the machine parameters accordingly before the box crosses the beam.SCAN HORN ISO

Our Plant

  • 2500 square meters of design and test space
  • 3 fully shielded test cells
  • Hydrogen brazing oven for accelerator structure manufacture
  • RF cavity tuning test facility, including clean rooms
  • Electron gun test stand
  • High power modulator test areas ( 400 KVA supply to premises)
  • Chillers to cool equipment for testing
  • Design and documentation based on fully computerized systems
  • Conveyor/product handling system assembly and test area
  • Spare parts and inventory storage building
  • Light engineering machine shop

Custom Systems

Our philosophy is that we can construct you a system with custom parameters enabling your product to be irradiated most efficiently. These parameters can be hard to determine, so we’ve put together example systems to give you an idea of what we can build. Explore our 5MeV, 10MeV, and 25MeV product pages to view the full specification sheets of these systems.