Long Pulse Compact System

Self-Shield X-ray System replacement for Gamma Cell (GC220)

The LP-1 is 0.5MeV to 1MeV average electron energy. Select energy to penetrate or NOT penetrate as required. Match power to the throughput requirement. Using any beam orientation, having multiple beams and beam sizes from spot to 500mm.

For full specification and information sheet, see:
LP-1 System

Specification Summary

Beam Orientation ANY
Beam Energy 0.5 MeV - 1 MeV
Beam Pulse Duration 100us - 100ms
Beam Sizes 50 - 500mm*
Pulse Rate 1 - 360Hz
Scan Length 4mm - 10mm
Beam Current (AVG) 0 - 10mA
Beam Current (Peak) 50mA - 75mA
*Depending on scan horn selection