About Us


Service is still our main priority.

We guarantee support on all our accelerators. Additionally we are experienced in the service of 3rd party equipment. The field service and engineering team at Mevex are very experienced and capable of refitting your machine.

We started as a service company ensuring that Siemen’s medical therapy accelerators operated around the clock, all year long, in Canada’s 5 time zones and in all weathers. Our culture means we get to your accelerator before your clients get to you.

Replaceable Components

Mevex is a supplier of replacement components for any E-Beam or X-Ray machine we have serviced or built. This includes individual control modules, accelerators, scan horns, and other essential components. For more information on our stock details and pricing information, please contact: info@mevex.com

Field Service and Engineering

Mevex is a leader of obsolescence management and field service work in the industry. E-Beam and X-Ray systems age thus components need to be replaced. We have the parts and the experience to keep machines running.  Mevex is capable of providing service to 3rd party equipment.